Cost of attending the 2024 IFO will be available closer to the opening of the Online Qualifying Exam. 

As usual, there is some financial aid available through other measures – IAC can also provide advice on how to fundraise (e.g. we can prepare a fundraiser packet for you to help find donors in your community and provide quiz questions and instructions for running a quiz night as a fundraiser – you can easily raise up to $500 or more this way) and assist with press releases that can help you get noticed by people and businesses who might support you. We can also provide an official letter of qualification that you can use for a campaign to support your registration fees and travel costs. Please contact if you are interested in any of these methods.

Remember also that if you are within a 10 hour drive of Quebec City (this includes the majority of the population of Canada and about 60 million people in the northeast USA) that carpooling may significantly reduce travel costs.

There is no cost to be an Official Spectator, though for certain field trips, there will also be charges if IAC handles the transportation and payments.

Airport Pickups / Train Station Pickups

IAC can provide airport or train station pickups by official staff members for students coming to Quebec City without an accompanying adult. There is no extra charge for these pickups, but IAC will only provide these for students who are officially traveling as unaccompanied minors to Quebec City. Thus even if a student is staying in the dorms at Université Laval and not with their parents in an outside hotel, IAC will not provide pickups unless these students are traveling without parental or other adult supervision.

Further Information

  1. Payments will be accepted by the following methods: US $ denominated check, Credit card via Paypal (fees apply), Wire transfer (fees apply), Flywire (for payments from outside the USA only) – has slightly lower fees than Paypal or wire transfers.
  2. An invoice will be provided upon registration with payment instructions; if desired, a receipt can be issued as well.